Alimentum Restaurant

Leaflet Distribution Case Study


“Alimentum is the home of affordable, ethical, award -winning food. A passion for culinary excellence is matched by demonstrable ethical values – and a desire to make Alimentum the ‘restaurant of choice’ for Cambridge residents. Located in Hills Road, opposite the Cambridge Leisure Park at Clifton Road, Alimentum includes the now famous Tuesday Night Jazz Club. Diners can enjoy award-winning jazz, to accompany their award-winning food.

To establish this new venture in Cambridge required a concerted marketing effort over an extended period of time – not just a one-off promotion. With this in mind, owner John Hudgell commissioned Chris Ellis from The Briefing Room Ltd to create a suitable marketing plan. Speaking about the marketing plan John said: “In restaurant Alimentum we have a fantastic product located in a prime location. The challenge was to get Cambridge residents though the door. Once in, they return, so initially the campaign was designed to attract a wide audience to try the restaurant out”

To achieve this, the plan included promotions on radio, press advertising, e-marketing, PR, and of course, leafleting. Combining leafleting with other forms of marketing helped ensure that local residents received a marketing message across multiple touch points. For example, in any one month a resident might read a magazine article about the restaurant, hear a press release on the radio, and receive an invitation via a leaflet to attend one of the restaurants’ now famous Jazz Evenings.

Leaflets were targeted at Cambridge residents based on location, and demographic. As Franchisee Debbie Siragher explains: “For this type of campaign it’s vital to get the leaflets in the hands of the right people. Using our round management software we helped Alimentum select higher demographic rounds in locations that are ideal for visiting the restaurant. This saves marketing costs and of course improves success”

John said:
“Debbie and her team are incredibly knowledgeable about where we should promote, about how best to make leafleting work, and they are very responsive to our needs.”

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