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Leaflet Distribution Case Study


When Broadband technology burst into our homes and businesses in 2003, it fundamentally changed how and why we use the Internet. Faster connection meant that shopping via the net was quicker and easier than ever before. Young or old, the ease of accessibility meant that it made economic sense for as many people to be on broadband as possible. Suddenly everyone who was in sales had to be on the web. The challenge was getting the audience ready to buy.

Across the UK, BT set about creating a national campaign to get people switched on to broadband. The Get on and get it Wales leaflet campaign was part of the national drive to create awareness and get people involved in bringing broadband to their communities.

The fluorescent leaflets had minimal wording and were personalised by town, all designed to attract immediate attention. Ceri Fitzpatrick, Broad Band Partnership Programme Manager from BT enlisted Dor-2-Dor to roll out their leaflet campaign in Wales. She had found lead times for national companies were restrictive, and though previous experiences of local leaflet companies had been disappointing, first impressions of Dor-2-Dor had been encouraging.

The purpose of the leaflet was to get people to register for broadband access to trigger exchanges in Swansea and Neath Port Talbot areas.
Dor-2-Dor stuck to the time scales and kept her informed of the progress of the campaign. Perhaps most importantly they restored her confidence in local leaflet distribution. The results were easily measurable as people had to register their interest on the web site.

Since the campaign took place, over 100,000 households in Wales have been connected to broadband 83% of Welsh householders can now have access. Many of these connections have enabled Micro-businesses to function more effectively because broadband works with their existing phone line and saves them so much time.

Ceri Fitzpatrick said:
“They are a good company to do business with, they did what they said they would do and their costs were reasonable. I have used them since and will continue to do so.”

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