The Value of Door Drops During Lockdown

the value of doordrops

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In response to queries about the delivery of advertising mail during the Coronavirus crisis, the DMA has produced the below statement.

During these uncertain times, businesses, charities, local authorities and the UK Government need to be able to communicate with all members of the public. Door drops and direct mail remain reliable and safe mediums for organisations to display important messages, updates and even provide reassurance to people during this period of lockdown and social isolation.

As a community, we must prioritise health, safety and the needs of vulnerable people – the data and marketing industry will assist here wherever possible and we would urge organisations to be respectful and continue to uphold all safety protocols advised by the government.

For those businesses who are still trading, door drops, and advertising mail can help them communicate with households who may not have access to online services, as well as older and more vulnerable people who are less comfortable with technology. These mediums can also help contribute to a sense of normality for people – whether that is by supporting a fundraising appeal, finding a good deal, accessing local services or even simply ordering food and groceries.

Any responsible company that distributes door to door advertising will have implemented measures to ensure the safety of their staff and the public, such as social distancing and providing PPE. If these organisations continue to follow the latest safety information from the government and take the appropriate safety measures, then there should be no reason why they cannot continue to provide distribution services on behalf of businesses, charities and the UK Government.

This is a challenging time for people and for businesses, door drops, and advertising mail are a way of helping UK businesses continue trading and providing vital services and information. It also provides means for citizens at home to remain informed and in touch.

– source DMA (Data and Marketing Association)

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