What Is Leaflet Delivery

What to look for 1There are many names for leaflet delivery including; Leaflet Distribution, Flyer Distribution, Flyer Delivery, door to door distribution and door drops. At the base of it all, they are all basically the same thing.

These have increasingly become in recent years a popular and effective method of promoting national and local business. Producing quantifiable return on investment for many different businesses and organisations, local and national government.

Leaflet distribution and leaflet delivery are methods of communications that puts your message onto the doormats of householders in your target market.

Letterbox communications are one of the most effective and popular forms of marketing for organisations and businesses that need to increase brand awareness and win market share.

DOR-2-DOR has been established since 1987 and are full members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

Letterbox Distribution

Letterbox marketing in the UK has in recent years become a very popular method of communicating directly to householders and consumers. Despite the growth of the Internet and online marketing Letterbox marketing has continued to be a robust and cost effective option for local businesses wishing to get their marketing message out into the market place.

Letterbox distribution can be targeted down to postcode sector and also into sub sector rounds from around 500 homes. It is therefore a highly targeted method of marketing utilising door to door distribution techniques which can offer an excellent return on investment for businesses and organisations alike. Franchise companies are regular users of door drops and letterbox marketing and they find this a particularly effective system of promotion.

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