Hawkhurst Golf Club

Leaflet Distribution Case Study


Fancy improving your swing? Then speak to the professionals. Established for forty years, Hawkhurst Golf and Squash Club Kent has a nine hole golfing green that has seen its fair share of action. In the golden days, the golf club was comfortably over subscribed with members.
The golf boom changed all that. Embryonic new clubs sprouted from nowhere, and tempted members away with promises of brand new facilities and eighteen hole courses. Hawkhurst lost some of its oldest members, as they wanted to move up to eighteen holes. Now, with a fifty member spare capacity, it knew it had to try something new.

Head Professional James Walpole was tasked with achieving the turnaround in the club’s fortunes. James decided to target as many people as possible on a limited budget. He compared the cost of leaflet distribution to advertising in the glossy golf publications and decided to try Dor-2-Dor.

The strategy decided upon was to attract new players, especially beginners to the sport, by offering coaching packages. The leaflet was designed to be simple but catch the eye, and invited local residents to an Open Day where they could bring along the family and try their hand at Golf.

The Open Day, held on 25th July, was a success. In total 8,000 leaflets were distributed; fifty people phoned up and at least 150 people attended the event. Children were kept amused while Golf Pro James patiently coached potential new members how to swing for victory.

As a result of the event, the club gained five new members, and a revenue of approximately £4,500.

James Walpole said:
“Absolutely brilliant based on the success of the first event, we plan to arrange some more Open Days. DOR-2-DOR were very professional and very helpful. We wanted to target affluent localities and they knew exactly where to distribute for us”

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