Challenging pre-conceptions about door drops

Challenging pre conceptions about door drops

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A recent Royal Mail and FreshMinds study reveals that 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing – more than any other marketing channel. And it has a powerful place in people’s lives, with 45% keeping leaflets on a pinboard or in the kitchen drawer.

These are just two of many key findings in the survey, all of which prove that door drops are relevant, well received and a powerful channel in today’s multichannel landscape.

Other key findings of the study include:

  • Retail leads other sectors on consumer demand for door drops.
  • Nine in ten people are happy to regularly receive unaddressed mail from retailers.
  • 81% said their preferred frequency was up to twice a month.
  • One-quarter said they are happy to receive unaddressed mailings a few times a week or more from retailers.
  • Door drops from FMCG brands are the next most popular with consumers.
  • Nearly three quarters (74%) are happy to receive mailings up to twice a month.
  • This was followed by restaurants where the score was 50% and local services on 46%.

Philip Ricketts, Royal Mail’s head of strategy, marketing and sales for Door to Door, said: “This research demonstrates the numerous strengths of door drops. The key is the fact it is a physical and tactile media, making it highly memorable. Unaddressed communication is also proving to be a particularly important method of delivering information that is locally relevant. It is a form of advertising that is set to play an increasingly important role in local communications with the footprint of local newspapers in decline.”

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