7 New Year Resolutions For Your Business

7 New Year Resolutions For Your Business In 2014

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Are you planning a strong start to the year or just hoping it happens?

Seven things to consider in reaching your consumers through effective leaflet and letterbox marketing.

  1. Plan now before Christmas.
    Even if now is your strongest and busiest time of year. Your time commitment? About 2 hours.

    Make time to talk to your local Dor-2-Dor owner. Once we have the brief and understand the needs, we manage the rest – Creative, Design, Print and delivery. While you get on with the business.

  1. Think campaign.
    With the brief locked away, we recommend a campaign that matches your objectives, timings and budget.
    One off drops work, but not nearly as well as planned campaigns. Remember: Repetition = Reputation
  1. Measure it!
    There are clever ways to track exact response levels to your leaflet campaigns. We will show you how it’s done – but it has to be planned.

    Our comprehensive mapping and demographic information are available to boost the success of your campaigns.

  1. Split Test
    What is the best headline to use? Which is the strongest offer?

    The chances are you won’t know without conducting measurable split testing –  50% with one headline and 50% with another. There are enormous gains to be had in response and conversion rates.

    Dor-2-Dor can put this together for you and drive response rates up over time.

  1. Get your print right
    Choose the right calibre and quality of print to give the right message about your business.
    The difference between thin flimsy paper and a quality card or thicker paper is minimal in cost but vast in impression.

    Leaflets are at the forefront of ‘First Impressions’. Get it wrong, and you minimise response dramatically.

    We have lots of great samples and comparative costing readily available, so you know what you are getting.

  1. It’s All About Returns
    How much is a new customer worth to your business the first time they come in? How about over the next year? Or over their lifetime?

    The majority of businesses want to trade with their customers again and again – not have to attract new ones all the time.
    If acquiring a new customers cost say £25 and is worth on average £250 a year, how many times do you want to invest the £25?

    Because we specialise in this business and have 26 years of experience to call on, we focus on getting the best returns possible as a part of our service.

  1. Take Action!
    It’s not going to happen by itself. Get in touch today!
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