The Hot Office Enlists Help of Dor-2-Dor to Spread Word of New Concept in Office Space

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The flexible office space company, The Hot Office, has commissioned Dor-2-Dor to raise awareness of the ‘Only Truly Flexible Office’ through their targeted marketing techniques. Together they are making The Hot Office aim, of opening 6 sites, a reality.

In 2003 Max Campbell and his partner Cherry were on a travelling sabbatical in Chile, as part of a year off following corporate life. It was here that they developed the initial ideas for the ‘Hot Office’ concept. Their aim was to provide business workspace that could be used on a totally flexible basis by small growing businesses, e.g. sole-traders & partnerships and also to be used on a transient basis, so independents e.g. sale persons, regional project managers travelling around could have flexible access to a regional place from which to work. Back on British soil they set to work to turn the ideas into a viable business plan and in September 03 the first ‘Hot Office Business Centre’ was opened in Harpenden, Herts. Sole traders were now able to expand their business operation further than the traditional back bedroom scenario. The Hot Office provided a new and flexible working arrangement where clients could buy an ad hoc, part-time or permanent office and peripheral services package to suit their exact needs at a price they could afford.

With the focus on providing a value-for-money proposition, flexing days were introduced and the more office days purchased per month the lower the office cost per day. Having now opened a second centre of the planned 6 in the pipeline to be opened around the Home Counties Hot Office Business Centres can now deliver everything from a ‘Hot Station’ (Exec Desk) for 1 hr to a full-time 5 person air-conditioned private office. The Hot Office proposition is summed up by their strap line ‘The Only Truly Flexible Office’.

Max commissioned DOR-2-DOR to create awareness of the venture with a flyer aimed at London commuters. Although the initial response was low, some business resulted. Max said, “At this time we were still in the process of understanding our sales proposition”. DOR-2-DOR then carried out multiple leaflet drops; targeting Dunstable down to North St. Albans and surrounding villages to advertise the new Hot Office Redbourn Centre.

When asked about the campaign, Max Campbell said, “Brand building and creating the right product set, incorporating meeting rooms, telephone answering and virtual offices has been part of our recipe for success. Dor-2-Dor was very professional in their approach, provided cost-effective service and gave us excellent feedback. When I use them I am confident that our exact requirements will be met.”

The campaign attracted a rapid response with in excess of 20 enquiries within the 1st 2 months; it raised awareness, and most crucially, strengthened the brand in the local community. With 225 members and between 12 and 15 members joining every month, Max and Cherry’s plan of opening 6 sites with the community growing to 850 members free to roam between offices and counties is set to become an exciting reality.

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