10 Reasons to Choose DOR-2-DOR

10 reasons to choose dor2dor

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Why use the rest when you can choose the best?

Below are the top 10 reasons why using Dor-2-Dor for our leaflet distribution and printing services is the best option to make.

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1. Targeting service

We focus on targeting specific areas to improve your response rates. By targeting delivery rounds by consumer demographics and location, we cut out the risk of reaching potential customers who aren’t interested in your product or service.

2. Advice

We have many years of experience, and we are dedicated to helping our customers use leafleting to generate more business. We’ve worked with numerous different industries, and this experience allows us to offer you advice suited to your individual needs.

3. Best deliveries

We only use vetted local adults to deliver your promotional material carefully. By choosing responsible people who care about their work we can guarantee that each of your leaflets reaches a prospective customer, increasing your potential for success.

4. Best back-checking

We use a system of three ways back-checking to ensure high levels of quality. It is unique in our industry and sets the standards of quality control.

5. Best reports

We understand that you need confirmation of the success and extent of your leaflet campaign. With that in mind, we send out comprehensive reports to give you piece of mind. You will receive a detailed report of when your leaflets were delivered and the exact area where they were delivered.

6. Leaflet design and print

Use our in-house experts to design a leaflet for you. They have a wealth of experience of designing leaflets for various companies and industries. You can also take advantage of our great print and delivery package deals, created with you in mind to make the custom delivery experience easier.

7. Best reputation

We take great pride in the service we offer and as a result, we have many satisfied local customers who testify to our high standards of service and excellent delivery record. We make a point of considering both our customers and the home-owners we delivery to with each service, ensuring that Dor-2-Dor is a name we can be proud of.

8. Best impact

Each aspect of the process has been carefully considered to maximise the potential for success and minimise the chance of overlooked or accidentally binned leaflets. For maximum impact, we deliver directly to the householder. NOT with the post and NOT hidden inside a newspaper.

9. Best range

We understand that every company has a different aim and therefore needs a different service. We, therefore, enable you to choose the service that fits your specific needs and budget. There are many delivery options available, allowing you to perfect your delivery campaign.


We are dedicated to maintaining a high level of service and offer high-quality distribution to at least 98% of letterboxes in the drop area, or Your Money Back!

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