Joslin Rhodes Financial Advisers Ditches Mass-marketing Approach

Joslin Rhodes

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Joslin Rhodes, the Stockton-on-Tees firm of independent financial advisers, has adopted a new marketing approach, after seeking advise from Dor-2-Dor.

The company was organising a seminar in Darlington for potential new clients and decided that a fresh approach to marketing the event was required. By the end of the first week, Dor-2-Dor’s leaflets had attracted and secured 20 attendees.

Previously, Joslin Rhodes had adopted a ‘mass distribution’ approach that, whilst achieving some success, did not generate the volume of positive responses they were aiming for. Joslin Rhodes had given marketing its new seminar some consideration and felt that targeted leaflet distribution may be the best option for attracting 60 delegates from a specific geographical area. However, they had never undertaken targeted leaflet distribution before, and therefore needed quite a lot of guidance. After meeting with Joslin Rhodes, Dor-2-Dor advised them about how to best approach the campaign and how to maximise the positive return on their distribution. Subsequently, 10,000 leaflets were designed and printed; and then distributed around the city centre.

The successful result of 20 attendees was fantastic and encouraged Joslin Rhodes to capitalise on the success and distribute a further 11,500 leaflets. This time however, Dor-2-Dor advised Joslin Rhodes about how to be even more targeted and the leaflets were only distributed to specific wealthy villages surrounding the city centre. This second distribution achieved a further 38 appointments, taking Joslin Rhodes up to 97% of its initial target.

Stuart Whitfield, Business Manager at Joslin Rhodes, said, “The leaflet distribution through Dor-2-Dor was extremely fruitful for our business, and a far easier way for our company to engage with new and prospective clients. I give them ten out of ten overall and I wouldn’t hesitate in using them again, or in recommending them to any business that is looking to increase its business sales. Throughout the process, we felt as though Dor-2-Dor were part of our team, and really took ownership of their part in our event’s success.”

Throughout the campaign, Dor-2-Dor provided Joslin Rhodes with a progress report every two days, which outlined how many leaflets had been delivered and how many were remaining. This enabled the Business Manager to quickly assess the campaign’s progress and success at any one time; significantly helping internal communications about the project. Stuart Whitfield went on to say; “I have actually already booked Dor-2-Dor to distribute another 30,000 leaflets for our next planned seminar in three months’ time!”

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