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Whenever a local company approaches us regarding our leaflet distribution service, the question they invariably ask is, what response rate will I receive from my leaflet campaign?

Getting TheBest Return OnInvestmentAlthough we would only be too pleased to give them a definite figure, it is really like asking us how long will it take them to run a mile. That answer would depend on how fast they could run, if the mile was uphill or downhill and several other factors. And the same is true for leaflet distribution response rates.

To help with this question we have built a handy tool to give you an idea of what this could be. Click here to try the tool today.

The following will illustrate how you can maximise the response rate and make your leaflet campaign as profitable as possible.

What do the experts say?

Research carried out by the Direct Marketing Association has found that 89% of people remember receiving a door drop leaflet, more than any other form of marketing they are exposed to. And the report goes on to reveal that 45% of consumers will hold on to the leaflet somewhere in their home.

However, the research also reveals that the average response rate is 1%. So what can be done to lift response above this?

Who benefits the most from door drop campaigns?

Research into this has found that the retail sector enjoys the most success using leaflet distribution. It was discovered that 90% of consumers in this sector were happy receiving unaddressed mail.

Fast moving consumer goods brands (FMCG) came next in the survey, enjoying success with door drops, followed closely by local services and restaurants. Among those local businesses enjoying a high ROI are Gyms, Garages, Gardening companies, Window/door Installers,  Estate Agents and others. They achieve this high ROI by regularly repeating their door drops.

Do established brands beat new businesses?

Established vs non establishedIn most cases, the answer is yes. A new business won’t get the same response compared to an established brand.

If a consumer receives a leaflet from two businesses offering the same product at the same price, the chances are the established brand will almost always win.

For instance, if someone received an offer of double glazing windows from the Everest company and another from Joe chancer fixers, both offering the same deal, the consumer will go for the established brand they know and trust. In todays consumer marketing branding is extremely important.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you from starting to promote your brand because in time it too, if promoted successfully, will be recognised.

Why will a leaflet distribution work for an unestablished brand?

Because doors drop campaigns are one of the best ways for local businesses to find new customers.

People may not respond as well to a leaflet from a company unfamiliar to them on the first distribution. The most effective way for your door drop to succeed is to approach it as a part of a long-term brand building campaign. The leaflet should be delivered to the same people several times as a part of a well-planned strategy.

This method works for established brands as well as a new business, and those looking to expand their client base.

What is a long-term campaign?

In advertising, the effective frequency is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made. It is simply the best way to ensure you see a return on your investment.

Single drops will produce results, but once you start repeating the drops to the same audience you will build on the impact of the previous activity.

How important is the design of the leaflet?

The Importance of good leaflet designWe cannot stress enough the importance of how the design of a leaflet will impact on the success of a door drop. Many people think that a leaflet just telling people who they are and what they do will get the responses flooding in. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth!

A leaflet trying to generate customers for a garden maintenance service with the heading “We cut grass” will get very little response, regardless of how many times it is distributed. However, with a headline such as “Spruce Up Your Garden”. With a sub-headline offering a discount for new customers and a good call to action to book a free estimate you will soon have the customers rolling in. A picture of somebody relaxing on a well-manicured lawn surrounded by neat and colourful flower beds will tell the prospect how you can make their life easier, people are only interested in how a business or product will benefit them.

A well-designed leaflet is vital for the success of your leaflet distribution campaign.

To make things even simpler for you, and to work out your return on investment, we have built an easy to use calculator to do just this.

To work out the possible ROI of any leaflet distribution campaign please click here.

If you need help in designing your leaflet and planning your long-term campaigns, get in touch today and let us do the designing and planning for you.

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