The Benefit of Repeat Distribution

The Benefit Of Repeat Distribution

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We are all used to hearing that doing the same thing over and over again is sometimes a bad thing, but when it comes to leaflet distribution and in fact in all forms of advertising and marketing, it has proven to be a hugely effective practice.

If it works why stop doing it?

TV and Radio Stations don’t just play your advert once; they play it over and over again – until they are sure as many people as possible have seen or heard it.

Even though in leaflet distribution it is true that the householders retain the leaflets for days, weeks or even months and in some cases years. It is still crucial to remember that if the leaflet works you will make money every time you repeat the campaign.

Effective marketing means providing your audience with well-timed reminders that you are still in business and you are still offering that much-needed service or product.

In today’s competitive economy we are used to seeing well known, and treasured companies disappear, so a regularly repeated distribution is a friendly reminder that you are a successful, flourishing company to be trusted with the householders business.

Trust is something that you have to earn and one way to gain that trust is to talk to the public through their letterboxes on a regular basis.

How to make it work well

The trick behind efficient repeat distribution is maintaining the brand but altering the message. If you deliver the same leaflet design several times a year, it will work well to keep your brand and your product or service in your customer’s mind. However, for optimum results, you must alter the leaflet design and adjust the leaflet offering.

The path to success is test, test and test again. This will ensure that they pick up the leaflet and read it every time. They are familiar with you brand, but they are also keen to see what you have on offer for them today.

By keeping your leaflet fresh and new, your audience will be pleased to hear from you and will be keen to engage with what your communication.

As a significant added benefit, if by chance your reader has lost your details, a repeat distribution or ditto campaign will ensure that they don’t have to put any effort into finding your contact information.

Repeat campaigns from Dor-2-Dor are a tried and tested formula and proven to be so successful.

Dor-2-Dor now offers the Ditto Scheme to all its clients.

The scheme takes all the hard work out of design, marketing and delivery.

The flexible delivery structure allows you to send out the leaflets 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 times a year, enabling you to refine and perfect the service or offer over time. It is also demographically targeted, ensuring that you hit the right areas every time and the reduced rates for printing and distribution make it a feasible option for a broad range of businesses.

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