Leaflet Distribution & Social Media – Does it work?

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So, social media has well and truly infiltrated our lives, both social and professional.

While it seems simple and straight forward, when it comes to marketing and business to customer interaction, it can be a difficult thing to get to grips with.

In terms of leaflet distribution, you might assume that social media doesn’t even come into it. But it does. One of the main aims of leaflet distribution marketing is to connect with potential clients. If they are using Facebook and Twitter, then we want to get involved in that. The real question here is how to do it effectively.

So how does it work? Leaflets are printed and distributed to connect with potential customers in a physical way, i.e. not online but literally in their hands and homes. But the best way to gather a response is to connect with these customers in a way that they are comfortable with.

If they log in to Facebook daily, then we need to have a Facebook presence, for example, say you find a leaflet on your doormat. A new local company has opened up a vegan bakery around the corner from you. You see they have a Facebook page so you log in and take a look at how popular they are, what people are saying and any other information available. A good page will convince you to pop in next time you walk by, whereas a bad page will ensure that you avoid them.

As with so many theories, the reality doesn’t always match up. From a personal point of view, in many cases, I won’t go online to do further research on a leaflet, unless it relates specifically to something I am looking for. In fact, I am a busy person, so something needs to really catch my eye for me to take further steps. However, there are a few aspects that will ensure I keep the leaflet for future reference:

First impressions are everything and I want to see high-quality card or paper, eye-catching yet sophisticated design and a clear list of contact options. Contact options are vital as different people will prefer different methods and a leaflet with only a telephone number is unlikely to be stored away. Would you save a leaflet that only offers a mobile number?
A company that offers telephone, email, address, website and social media connections seems much more trustworthy than one that doesn’t. But simply offering these details on the leaflet isn’t all you can do. Getting customers to take that step and connect in some way is vital to calculate the success of the leaflet. How can you do this? Incentives. Small discounts or free gifts is all a customer needs to take that step and get in touch.

With leaflet distribution, you are reaching out to potential customers in their own homes, so consider how you would feel if the situation was reversed.

What would you need to give you the push to respond to the ad?
What social media sites do you and your friends interact with?

What works for you is likely to work for your customers too, but if in doubt broaden the options available to them.

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