DOR-2-DOR Leaflet Delivery Options

At DOR-2-DOR, we offer three primary delivery service levels for the distribution of your leaflets. These delivery options are as follows: 

Shareplan Leaflet Distribution

Shareplan is universally the most popular option our clients go for.

Shared Leaflet distribution is when your leaflets are delivered with other, non-competing leaflet in areas of your choice, meaning the price for distribution is cheaper than on a solus leaflet drop.

Before we send any leaflets out on a shared basis, we research the location for you the best target areas and ensure no competing leaflet is distributed alongside yours. We’ll take your target audience and map it to ensure you get the best return for your budget.

Dates may be less flexible due to other leaflets going out, so although it’s cheaper, you may have to be flexible on the timing of your leaflet distribution.

As part of the shared door drop, every leaflet is backchecked and an audit process is in place to ensure your leaflets are properly distributed in the drop areas. Each one of our distributors carries a GPS tracker, so a report of showing every letterbox distributed to is available.

Shareplan with three or four client leaflets is the most cost-effective and possibly even the most effective form of leaflet delivery.

Solus Leaflet Distribution

Solus leaflet distribution is where the client leaflet is distributed on its own plus our normal DAL or Delivery Audit leaflet.

A Solus leaflet drop is when your leaflet is delivered on its own, without any other marketing from any other companies.

Whilst it’s more expensive than shared leaflet drops, a solus leaflet drop may ensure you get maximum visibility in front of your target customer by being the only leaflet put through their door.

A solus drop also enables you to pick and choose when you want it delivered and also the item that’s put through the letterbox. You’ll have no constraints on what you can or can’t do with a solus leaflet drop.

Just like a shared leaflet drop, every solus leaflet drop is backchecked, GPS tracked and full reported to ensure your leaflets are distributed where you want when you want. Each one of our distributors has a GPS tracker, so a report of showing every letterbox distributed to is available.

Some clients believe this will give maximum impact on the doormat, however, this has been shown by research not always to be the case. For example, a leaflet on its own may be just that at the point of delivery but what happens if another distribution company places items through the letterbox shortly afterwards?

We believe that the only time when Solus leaflet distribution needs to be used is when very specific targeting is required or if the material is time sensitive and then must go out in the required area immediately.

Our research shows that a multi-drop or Shareplan campaign will add impact to all of the leaflets being delivered i.e. the leaflets all add to one another rather than detracting from each other. For example, a catalogue with many items on offer is more attractive than one with only a few items to choose from.

Please note a Solus drop may not always be available in the areas you require.

Solus + Leaflet Distribution

Solus Plus leaflet distribution is the option where the client can choose to have a predetermined number of items only. This is a multi-drop situation where a number of leaflets are going through the letterbox at the same time.

This option which costs a little more gives satisfaction to the client who is concerned about clutter or worried that other leaflets will detract from his promotion, but still benefiting from the situation that three or four leaflets on the doormat will actually add to the impact of each other.

The pricing of solus plus is between solus and shareplan distribution.

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