Is Digital Marketing a threat to Leaflet Distribution?

Is Digital Marketing a threat to Leaflet Distribution

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How many times over the past few years has a new medium of digital marketing arrived and people have heralded it as the future and prophesied the death of print.

Ceefax was going to kill off newspapers; video was going to eliminate the need for colour brochures. Well, Ceefax bit the dust some time ago and colour brochures are still rolling off the presses.

Then the digital age came upon us and once again the print medium was condemned to a slow death.

Moreover, leaflet distribution was singled out as the medium destined for the abyss.

Many advertising managers were seduced by the digital medium of e-mails, PPC, banners, and online pop-ups etc. Leaflets, they believed, were spammy my and old hat. We were Dinosaurs.

But leaflet distribution is still performing well and in some cases outperforming other mediums when it comes to selling products and services.

There is a reason for this

Digital MarketingI believe the reason for this is many savvy advertising managers and business owners using leaflet distribution have been quick to see the advantages of using digital marketing as part of their advertising campaigns.

The part of the digital mix leaflet distributors have locked onto is the internet and more specifically websites.

Am I Preaching to the Converted?

Now, this may sound as if I am teaching proverbial grandmothers to suck proverbial eggs. But, I am surprised how many leaflets I see that do not have a website, and these entrepreneurs are not only unaware of the business they may be missing out on, but also of the opportunity of using a tactic enjoyed by the direct mail industry.

Long Copy Beats Short Copy

People, who study copywriting and the teachings of the world’s best copywriters both past and present, will be aware of a theme that goes through their thinking. They all believe that long copy beats short copy 90% of the time.

CopywritingMoreover, these writers consider 500 words short copy and will happily write a four-page letter and mail it out knowing that it will beat a short single page letter in most cases.

“What has that got to do with us” I can hear your cry, “we cannot send out long four-page letters.”

Well you could if you wanted to, there is nothing stopping you printing and inserting it into an envelope and having it distributed by us. But I think it would be a financial disaster in most cases.

There is a way

However, there is a way you can invite your potential customer to read your sales letter of 500 words or more: and that is by using a landing page on a website.

For many businesses that know how to use leaflet distribution effectively, this is something they have been doing for years.

Landing pagesHowever, there are still many people who do not have a website, and many of those who have one do not use their landing page to its full advantage.

Those companies who use their website as part of their campaign have their leaflets designed emphasising the benefits of their product or service with short eye-catching copy and, more importantly, a compelling Call to Action.

This call to action often leads the prospect to a website where a long well written and detailed sales letter can be read on the landing page.

This letter should galvanise the reader to either place an order or show interest in what is being offered. If they show an interest and provide an e-mail address, then the business owner can follow up the lead by using a form of digital marketing: an e-mail.

Have I Taken The Long Way Round?

This is a rather convoluted way of saying unlike Ceefax, video digital marketing, in its many forms, is here to stay. And rather than seeing it as a threat, leaflet distributors should embrace and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

A great landing page on a well-designed website will be able to attract prospects and they can be followed up with an e-mail. But it all starts with a well-designed and well thought out leaflet distribution campaign.

If you are thinking about running a leaflet distribution campaign and would like some help with the design and distribution, why not get in touch today? We can offer you advice on design, printing and all things relating to a successful leaflet distribution campaign.

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