Is Leaflet Distribution the equivalent of a Website Landing Page?


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I was recently watching a video tutorial on landing pages. For those who are not aware of the term, a landing page is the first page on a website where prospective customers are directed by search engines, and its sole purpose in life is to get a response from these prospects.

It underlined the need for a landing page to be able to focus the reader’s attention on the need to respond to what was being asked of them, and that was to do something.

The something or some things could vary.

  • It could be a request to sign up to a newsletter.
  • To Download an e-book.
  • To request a brochure.

The landing page demanded a CTA, a Call to Action.

However, the video made it clear that the landing page can only ask the reader to do one thing.

One page for each call to action, a landing page is actually a sales letter to the reader, and like any good sales letter, it always ends with a call to action.

After the video finished I initially thought to myself, well how great the internet is to bring people all this information. Then it gradually began to dawn on me; haven’t I heard this somewhere else?


Landing Pages are Sales Letters

I had already accepted that a landing page was a sales letter; a sales letter on a screen, but haven’t we been seeing these sales messages on paper for years?

Then it dawned on me a landing page is really a sales leaflet; a sales leaflet on the internet.

Like a landing page, a leaflet has to persuade a prospect to a call to action.

Like a landing page, a leaflet should focus on one call to action.

However, the two mediums follow different paths when it comes to targeting their markets.

Internet marketers rely on SEO and high rankings on the internet pages to drive traffic to their websites.

Leaflet marketers take expert advice on the areas where their leaflets should be distributed to ensure a good response to their calls to action.

Although the two mediums are different, they have more in common than many people think.

And many people who use door drops have websites, and the door drop leaflets drive traffic to their landing pages, a case of the old helping medium the new one.

It would be foolish and blinkered to think that the internet has nothing to teach us. However, I believe those of us who are involved in leaflet distribution can feel confident that our method can stand up against other forms of marketing.

In fact, I believe the internet has something to learn from us.

The sole aim of a landing page and a sales leaflet is to sell, and selling has been around since the beginning of civilisation, and leaflet marketers know how to sell.

Plus, remember, there are more media choices than ever before; Over 600 television channels, Over 700 million websites, Over 9,000 newspapers and magazines and over 400 radio stations…. BUT Still Only One Letterbox!

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