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Leaflet distribution valentines day

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Although most businesses will happily tick over throughout the year, the majority of them will be subject to peaks and troughs in their trading year, but those enterprises who are involved in the gift and greeting card industries have certain times when they can definitely expect a very steep spike in their trading.

Toy manufacturers and retailers experience their busiest times during the Christmas period along with those who trade in the greeting cards and gift businesses. Confectioners will enjoy good trading in chocolate related items at Easter.

However, there is one other date in the calendar that provides a flurry of trading for a great many enterprises, and that day is St Valentine’s Day.

St valentine baptizing st lucilla jacopo bassano
St Valentine baptizing St Lucilla, Jacopo Bassano

Most people know that St Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th and I am sure that quite a lot of people know he was a Christian priest who was executed in around 270 AD for marrying couples into the Christian church. A bit harsh but they were different times. For this Valentine has become the patron saint of lovers everywhere.

There is more to the legend of St Valentine but we are dealing with the commercial side of St Valentine’s Day here rather than its spiritual side.

Unlike Christmas or Easter where there are public holidays on offer and a period of build up to the events, St Valentine’s Day seems to sneak up on people and take them by surprise, (unless they are incurable romantics or in the early days of a romance, this year it is on a Sunday.)

It is for this reason that people who are in the business of providing goods and services that should flourish because of St Valentine’s Day will be preparing for leaflets to be distributed reminding people of the forthcoming event.

Who should advertise for Valentine’s Day

Enterprises like restaurants who are planning special romantic dinners for two on the day should be letting people know about them.

Other businesses such as florists, gift shops, and confectioners should also be gearing up to get their particular message out to their potential customers.

Timing is a vital part of leaflet campaigns for this particular festival. The leaflets should hit letterboxes with enough time for people to book the restaurants or arrange for the special bouquet or gift to be delivered.

The wise marketers who regularly use leaflet distribution campaigns to advertise their goods or services will already have their plans in place.

However, it is not too late for the entrepreneurs who have yet to prepare a leaflet campaign to get in on the act. There is still time to prepare an effective leaflet distribution campaign to attract customers and take advantage of the St Valentine’s Day boost in trading.

Those people should contact their designers, printers, and leaflet distributors now and get their campaigns moving before it is too late.

St Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year and it would be a pity to miss the extra sales and profits it can bring. So what are you waiting for, get in touch now and boost your sales.

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