Will you survive the coming recession?

The recession

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The Recession
The Recession

Unless you have been living on Mars during the last few of weeks, you will be aware there has been much talk concerning the slowdown in the world economy.

The Chinese stock market has been doing a good impression of the Titanic and stock markets around the world have been doing their very best to follow it down.

All this doom and gloom has caused our own chancellor to change his recent upbeat outlook on the economy of the UK to one warning of the possibility of bad times lurking just around the corner.

The question we should be asking is how will the recession, if it does arrive; affect the business of door drop leaflets.
The answer cannot be found by looking into the future, as no one can really know what will happen. However, we can look to the past, back to the last recession and see what happened to leaflet distribution then.

In 2009, the year after the credit crunch began; spending by the top ten largest unaddressed advertisers was £27.2 million. In 2010, it had increased by 43% to £38.8 million. Virgin Media spent £2 million more than they did in 2009; a total of £5.7 million made them the top spender in that year.

According to the IQ Option review by business24-7.ae, the reason given for this boost in the door drop business has been attributed to better geo-targeting and data modelling that have greatly improved the way marketers can plan their leaflet campaigns. This has given them the ability to target their leaflets at the correct homes and the people who will be interested in their goods or services.

Other reasons given for the success of leaflet distributions during the last recession were local businesses looking to find customers from their catchment area, were encouraged how campaigns targeted at postcode level could result in almost immediate replies for a very low cost per order, an important factor in times of recession.

So, if there is another recession looming on the horizon I believe that the leaflet distribution industry will fare just as well, if not better than it did in the last one. It just means that if you are thinking of doing a leaflet campaign, you must plan it down to the last detail.

Make sure your leaflet is well produced, your message or offer is clear and concise, and you take the best advice available on distribution.
If you carry out all of the above, you will ride out the recession if it comes, and who know, it may not come after all.

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