Those who can do, those who can’t teach

those who cant teach

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Over the years we have been handed down phrases that claim to be words of infallible wisdom.

I’m sure you’ve heard such phrases as “Pride cometh before a fall” or “Cheats never prosper” or “You can’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs”, but all of these sayings are not strictly true.

Plenty of people have been proud and never fallen over. Some cheats have prospered and are still prospering somewhere; they just haven’t and may never be caught and it is perfectly possible to teach your grandmother to suck eggs, but why should she want to suck eggs remains a mystery.

However, one of the most stupid sayings to have been handed down over the years is “Those who can do, those who can’t teach”.

Whoever said that must have either been taught by a complete idiot or been let down somehow by an expert in something, and it is wrong.

Many talented and successful writers, musicians and actors often give master classes in their particular sphere. So that proves those who can also teach. And those who can’t cannot really teach, as they cannot know what they are doing. Who could teach someone how to play the piano without knowing how to play themselves?

They are cheats and plenty of these cheats do prosper.

They prosper by convincing people they are experts in certain fields and charge them exorbitant amounts of money by selling them useless business plans.

The people they cheat are often those who are looking to start a business but need help and guidance, and these cheats take advantage of their inexperience of the business world.

Anyone looking to start a new business must take advice from someone who not only can do but is also willing to teach others.

Here at DOR-2-DOR, we have over 30 years’ experience in the door to door leaflet distribution industry and we have helped many people start their own successful leaflet distribution franchises over the years too. So many so, we’re actually the largest network of locally operated leaflet distribution businesses in the UK.

We have done this by teaching them everything we have learnt in our 30+ years of operating in the leaflet distribution marketing and print industry.

So anyone who is looking to start a successful and lucrative leaflet marketing business should contact us today: because we are people who can and do, and we can teach as well.

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