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Christmas Advertising

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Over the years, the arrival of Christmas has been marked by different things. Some years ago, it was the appearance of Christmas crackers on supermarket shelves as early as November.

Then television began heralding the approach of the festive season with esoteric ads picturing men or women running along dark corridors, making you think you were watching a trailer for a suspense or horror film, only to discover it was an advertisement for perfume or aftershave.

However, over the last few years, some new icons have appeared on our screen to herald the approach of Christmas: the supermarket Christmas television ads.

Every year Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Tesco and many other stores attempt to outdo each other with a mini-cinematic epic.

And it seems the way they are reviewed in some areas of the media; they are actual feature films when all they really are is advertisements.

Their job is to tug at the heartstrings and, more importantly, to the purse strings of the buying public. They are made to sell the company’s products.

Advanced planning

Advanced PlanningOf course, these adverts are planned and produced well in advance of Christmas. I cannot imagine someone from the marketing department walking into production and saying, “Hey, Christmas is only a couple of months away; shouldn’t we think about our Christmas ad?”

Christmas does not creep up unannounced and unexpected to these marketing people. If it did, there would be heads rolling in vast numbers, as it is unlikely a glamorous TV ad can be produced at the drop of a hat.

The marketing people of the large stores probably have a whole department working solely on the ad, with nothing else to worry about; unlike many of the marketing people in the world we operate in, the world of the small and medium concerns whose managers have several tasks to occupy their time.

Last minute planning

The Expertise

While most of these managers of small and medium enterprises will have had their leaflet distribution for the Christmas period already planned, there will be the odd one or two who have had so much on their plate that they may have left things to the last minute.

Well, the advantage leaflet distribution has over television advertisements is a leaflet door drop campaign does not require months of planning and production.

However, although it does not require long periods of time to produce a leaflet distribution campaign, it does not mean it should be cobbled together as quickly as possible to meet the required deadlines.

It will still need to be designed and printed in the best way possible to attract a good response. Thought must be given to the timing and area of the distribution.

All these things will require the advice and help of people who are experts at designing, printing and distributing leaflets.

We have that expertise

The good news is we at DOR-2-DOR have the expertise, and there is still time for us to help you get your leaflet designed, printed and distributed in time for your chosen schedule, either for the Christmas period or early January.

Get in touch now, and we can get your campaign underway.

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