What’s the difference between mails shots and door drops?

the difference between door drops

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There has been much discussion over the years regarding the advantages and disadvantages between direct mail and door drops, and in some media circles the debate is still going on.

The one thing that both mediums have in common is, they both arrive in the prospective customer’s home by way of the letterbox.
Mailshots are delivered by postmen (or women), door drops by dedicated delivery professionals’ and both land on the prospects doormat.

However, that is where the similarity of the two mediums ends.

A recent survey* revealed that although mail shots are kept in the home for a reasonable 17 days on average; a door drop piece is kept for an average of 38 days, over twice as long as a mailing piece. (for the record bills and statements are kept for an average of 6 weeks).

The survey also revealed that almost 40% of households have a dedicated area where they display the advertising material that comes through their letterbox.

This means with some creative thinking, a door drop leaflet or folder can be on display and broadcasting a sales message for over a month, much longer than anything delivered by post.

Keep it simple

Some people are often put off by the term “creative thinking”. They believe it is something only highly expensive graphic designers and equally, expensive copywriters can do. They could not be more wrong.

I have seen some excellent door drops printed in full colour on one side of an A5 sheet of paper.
All that is required is a little imagination, some illustrations where possible and a list of products and services plus contact details.

Keep it simple and eye catching and people will leave it on display for a month.

Further information from the survey revealed that people shared the promotional material they receive with other people in the house.

It appears that 21% of advertising* received through the letterbox is passed around the occupants of the household, so this is another good reason to make sure a good door drop piece stands out from the competition.

The tide is turning

The debate regarding the best method of delivering advertising and promotional material will continue well into the future, and there will always be the diehards who will always want to stick with the Royal Mail. But the evidence shows that the tide is turning in favour of the door to door drops over a postal delivery service.

With the recent survey indicating that material delivered by door to door companies remains on display in the household twice as long as mail shots, only goes to show the appeal door drops have with companies eager to get their message out to as many prospects as possible as they can, and in the most cost-effective way.

For those people who still doubt the effectiveness of door drops, they should ask themselves why do take away restaurants, estate agents and many other businesses keep sending door drops out?

The answer is simple; because they work.

*Source MarketReach

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