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Branding your cmpany

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We are all aware that international and nationally known companies such as Coca-Cola, MacDonald’s, and others are known as “Brand names.” Their Brand identifies them in the public’s mind as the company to go to when they require a specific product or service.

Over the years, these companies have manoeuvred themselves into a position of trust among the buying public, and they have done this by making sure what they promise is what they deliver.

When people go to a McDonald’s they know what they want and McDonald’s never disappoints them. The same applies to Coca-Cola. People know what they want and Coca-Cola delivers.

But, how have they managed to do this?

Coca-Cola is not a vintage wine. MacDonald’s does not offer fine dining. What their brand says to people is “We know what you want. Trust us, we will look after you”.

Of course, all of the above companies and many like them are multinational concerns. They have spent many years building their reputations, and they spend millions of pounds protecting their brand.

However, many small business owners may ask, “I am not a multinational, why would I need a “Brand?”

The word “Brand” is just another way of saying reputation, reliability, or trust.

Most companies who advertise using leaflet distribution are already building their brand. Some of them are aware of what they are doing while some are doing it without being aware of it and those who are not doing it should start doing it soon.

Companies experienced in using leaflet distribution know that one door drop rarely produces a good response the first time it drops through the prospects letterbox. A well-designed eye-catching leaflet will be retained for a few weeks, but even the best of them will eventually be disposed of.

That is why it is important to keep leafleting the same prospects several times over a year.

By doing this, you are sending out a message. The message is you are in it for the long haul. You are not a fly by night company of cowboys in it for a quick buck.

Your business name, the name people have become used to seeing is your “Brand.”

In addition, your brand is saying the same thing to your customers as the brands of Coca-Cola, MacDonald’s, and all the rest of the multinationals are saying to their customers.
“We know what you want. Trust us, we will look after you”

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