Have a Merry Advertising Christmas!

Have A Merry Advertising Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner and it seems to arrive earlier year after year! Christmas is not just the season of merry making and gift giving; it is also the season for advertising and promoting your products and services.

Every year, retailers seem to be in an unofficial competition as to who launches their Christmas campaign first.

Running a successful Christmas season advertising campaign requires a lot of planning and strategising. One way of ensuring that your campaign garners a lot of attention from shoppers is by using of seasonal offers and promos to your advantage. Seasonal offers appeal to a large number of people and would undoubtedly drive your consumer traffic higher. Here are some of the ways seasonal offers can boost your Christmas publicity drive:

Start planning your seasonal offers soon

Christmas is definitely one of the seasons where shoppers spend the most money and time browsing stores. Shoppers normally do this a couple of months before Christmas. It is therefore significant for retailers to put their products and services out there ahead of time. You want to appeal to more people without spending too much of your advertising and marketing budget. Plan your seasonal offer before the Christmas season even begins and choose a marketing tool to roll out your offers to as many consumers as possible.

Generate publicity for your seasonal offers

There are many ways to increase publicity for your product or service. One of the most effective ones is by running a strong and efficient advertising and marketing machine. The sooner you start as stated above, the better. But that is not all there is. You also have to think of offers that are not too run-of-the-mill and will generate conversations amongst. The grander your special offers are, the more people would want to avail them. By getting people excited, you can easily give them a feel of what’s about to come and what people can expect from your business for the Christmas season.

Always look at your competitors

The competition in the retail sector is tough. Each and every one of the retailers wants to be the best out of the flock. So in order for your business to outdo the rest and get the most business, it is important that you pay close attention to what special promos you are offering. You should always aim to offer what you think your consumers would appreciate the most and what other retailers haven’t offered yet. There is no point in copying what others are offering.

Target specific shoppers

The best thing about Christmas is that you can specifically target your potential customers. It is also easy to create themed leaflets to be distributed. It is also easier to offer a special seasonal promo if you know your consumers well. If you are retailing clothes for infants, you may want to offer seasonal promos and discounts for expectant mothers. If you are retailing Christmas trees, offer something like a nice glass of hot punch for your customers when they visit you. It is also important to cater to people who are shopping for gifts, offer seasonal promos on the basis of how much they have purchased from you e.g. spend £150 and receive a 10% discount before Christmas.

The benefits of using leaflets during huge business seasons like Christmas, you can be rest assured that the information you are sending out reaches the relevant people at the relevant time.

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