The perfect mix – where leaflet distribution fits in your marketing strategy

the perfect mix

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Businesses run on a tight budget and most of the time, the least amount of money is allocated for advertising.

There are many ways to advertise your business and the most effective ones do not necessarily have to be expensive. Before deciding on the mediums you wish to use for marketing your business, there are several things to keep in mind. First, do not forget that the goal of every well thought out marketing strategy is to make sure that every penny spent on advertising will have the greatest chance of getting a new customer. Second, leaflet distribution may be a cost-effective way of advertising but it is not for everyone. Lastly, explore other cheaper platforms that provide a wider reach than leaflet distribution such as social media.

The whole point of advertising is to generate revenue by spending the least amount of money. Leaflet distribution will cost money and if not executed properly, your leaflets end up ignored or worse, dumped in the bin. Once you have decided that leaflet distribution can indeed work for your business, devise a strategy of how to use this medium to its optimum potential. Leaflet distribution fits best in a marketing strategy whose goal is to introduce new products. For instance, it is great for restaurants, catering or housekeeping service that will attract the general population but it may not work for custom or made to order products that appeal only to a small niche market.

Leaflet distribution is a classic advertising tactic and it is because of this that it operates under the pretence that it works for all kinds of product. It doesn’t. Going by a marketing strategy that is not suitable for your business is not just counterproductive; it is also a waste of valuable resources like time and money. Therefore it is important to be certain about what your prospects are and what medium will do service to your product the best. More than what your product is, you should also consider who your customers are. Your strategy should be specific to them, their lifestyle patterns and especially how they consume media. If the chances of your customers paying attention to leaflets are slim, you are probably better off exploring a medium that they interact with the most.

If after thorough planning and strategising, you have come up with a conclusion that leaflet distribution does not fit into your marketing strategy, there many other platforms that are cheaper and one can argue, more effective. Social media is a prime example. Its reach is by the millions, everyone from kids to the elderly uses it. It’s free if it charges it’s very minimal compared to other platforms. Social media can help tremendously in launching new products or offering discounts. Once again, it all boils down to your product, your potential customers and making sure that your budget is utilised well. Careful research is always helpful when trying to decide whether or not leaflet distribution fits into your marketing strategy.

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