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Hilbar Autos

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The Hilbar Autos Company is a specialist motor repair firm, focusing on Citroen and Peugeot vehicles only. The two proprietors, Bradley Hilton and Lee Harris Bar-foot, have been working as car dealers for nearly 30 years.

Bradley and Lee were considering a leaflet drop, because they knew it was imperative that they bring in new business. However, their first thoughts centred on cost, they felt that a huge but targeted leaflet drop would be prohibitive when it came to finances. They were pleasantly surprised when Dor2Dor informed them of the cost they would charge.

Dor-2-Dor helped in a quite unusual way for a leaflet marketing company. For a change they actually gave some solid advice to Hilbar, centring on the original design the two friends had come up with for a leaflet. The original design focused on the company name. Dor-2-Dor decided that putting an offer on the leaflet and focusing on that was what drew people in.

Two leaflet drops occurred, in two different postcodes. The results were magnificent to say the least.

This one set of leaflet drops was responsible for bringing in nearly 80% of new business to Hilbar Autos. This proves the value of a marketing campaign through leaflet drops.

Here is what Hilbar said about the campaign:
“We may not even be here today, if we hadn’t done the flyer drop”

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