‘NOT ANOTHER ONE’ – Another Year and Another Election

Election 2017

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Elections are becoming like buses; you wait for years for one and suddenly a whole row of them come along at once.

In the space of fewer than two years, we have already had two referendums and one general election here in the United Kingdom.

Now we have to face another general election in June of this year; 2017. And there are to be local council elections held in some parts of the country in May.

Is it any wonder that candidates and voters alike are suffering from election fatigue?

And there is proof that this is happening. The BBC interviewed a lady now known as “Brenda from Bristol”. To judge from her reaction you may have thought the prime minister had reintroduced rationing, conscription or declared war.

The mood in the country seems to be “do we need another round of party political broadcasts, why can’t they just leave us alone”?

If the electorate is tired, just how tired must the candidates feel?

And if this mood is running through the country, doesn’t it pose a serious problem for the democratic process?

Can we be bothered with another election?

Voter apathy has always been a worry for politicians seeking a mandate; their fear (reported by BBC News) is a low turnout of voters which leaves the way open for the committed radicals from both sides of the political spectrum. And if this time voter apathy is reinforced by voter fatigue, how will this affect the current political campaign?

This makes advertising for the general election even more crucial this time around. If the prospective parliamentary candidates are worried about keeping voters interested in the race then promoting their views is of the upmost importance.

So what can you do to win votes?

Politicians and their party managers have been using door drops in their current format to get their ideas and their proposals to the community since the late 50’s early 60’s so they know the power and reach of letterbox marketing. The most direct and effective way to get a message through to a target audience is to use door drops.

The advantage of this form of advertising is there is no ‘off switch’ on a leaflet and people, on average, keep a leaflet in their home for 38 days. A leaflet that has been well thought out, professionally designed and well written will catch the attention of the most jaded voter’s eye. Once you have their attention they will not be able to resist the temptation to read on, they may even pin your leaflet to their notice board or fridge to keep reminding them of who to vote for.

If you are a candidate or a party agent working for a candidate in the upcoming general election; then we invite you to contact your local DOR-2-DOR office who will give you qualified and professional assistance to getting your candidate into the House of Commons.

To get the best results from a leaflet campaign it is important you use a company with years of expertise in leaflet marketing. A company who will advise you on design, copywriting, printing and most importantly, distribution; you want to be sure your leaflets are delivered to the right people.

The election is now only a few short weeks away so you will need to act soon with your party political leafleting.


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