A good sales message needs a well-designed leaflet

A Good Sales Message

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If you ask any business manager or owner, what results they expect from a leaflet distribution campaign, you should expect to get some varying answers.

Some will tell you they expect leads for their sales team to follow up. Others will tell you they expect the leaflet to sell their products or services.

Of course, everyone expects their leaflet advertising to achieve either of these targets.
But anyone who is experienced in advertising will tell you the real reason for a leaflet campaign is to persuade people to part with their money.

The whole point of a leaflet campaign advertising your goods or services is to persuade people to send you their hard earned money and to achieve this the leaflet needs to give them a very good reason to make that decision.

And, of course, that very good reason to make people send their money must be the message displayed on the leaflet.

Most companies who use door drop campaigns are acutely aware of the importance of good design and printing when producing their leaflets.

However, there are still people making mistakes with their leaflets, and I believe the internet should take much of the blame.

You only have to open up some websites to see the results of people who believe they are graphic designers.

They have convinced themselves of this because their computers have given them all sorts of ways of making web pages, and so many of them make a total mess of it.

One of the biggest mistakes made is the use of heavy dark pages with type reversed out of black backgrounds. These pages may look dramatic, but most of what they have to say is almost illegible.
And the problem is many would be graphic designers make this mistake when designing their leaflets. They use the reverse out type layout in the mistaken belief it will stand out from all the other leaflets, not realising that there is little point in it standing out if people find it hard to read.

A leaflet only has a few seconds to catch a prospect’s attention, and those seconds will decide if it is to go in the rubbish bin or to the “read later” area.

If the text is hard to read and the leaflet poorly designed, its life as a useful part of the marketing plan will be over in seconds.

A well-designed, well thought out, eye catching, professional looking leaflet will encourage the prospect to make the call to action.

The purpose of leaflet distribution campaigns is to turn prospects into real customers eager to buy goods and services and to part with their money.

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