E-mail Vs The Letterbox

E Mail Vs The Letterbox

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There has been much talk recently regarding robots taking over most of the jobs presently carried out by humans. It appears most of us are to be replaced by electronic beings.

The end is nigh!

We are all doomed!

However, it all sounds a little bit familiar to me. People have been prophesying the demise of all manner of things for years.

The video was going to replace catalogues and brochures.

The Kindle was going to replace books.

The internet and e-mail were going to replace the printed word.

There would be no more direct mail or leaflet distribution, we may as well have nailed up our letterboxes, as it was all going to be done electronically.

However, it appears things are not quite going the way of the doom mongers.

Book sales seem to be holding up quite well, and my letterbox still rattles happily each morning delivering bills, catalogues, brochures, direct mail offers and leaflets.

So what are the reasons for this?

A report produced by the Direct Marketing Association has revealed that direct mail campaigns produce an average of 4.4% response opposed to the 0.12% of e-mail campaigns.

Another reason has been revealed by research carried out by Bangor University that states,

Greater emotional processing is facilitated by the physical material than by the virtual. The real experience that the physical media provides means it’s better at becoming part of the memory. It generates more emotion, which should help develop more positive brand associations. The real experience is also internalised, which means the materials have a more personal effect and, therefore, should aid motivation.”

I think what they are trying to say here is people prefer real things to virtual things.

Therefore, there has been no need to block up our letterboxes.

Goods and services advertised on paper that people can hold in their hands are more likely to generate a response than an electronic message.

There is a feeling that the rise in identity theft and other forms of cyber crime are making people suspicious of some aspects of the internet.

That is why ink on paper advertising that comes through letterboxes is continuing to be a favoured way of businesses to promote their wares and to get people to respond to their offers.

Therefore, despite the gloomy prophesies regarding the extinction of postal advertising, leaflet distribution is still one of the best ways for businesses both large and small to advertise to a targeted group of prospective customers.

The future for leaflet distribution is as bright as it has always been.

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