Leaflet Sizing: Does it Matter?

Leaflet Sizing

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Many people turn to leaflet dropping as an additional option for their marketing system, but what they don’t realise is that there are many factors at play to make it a successful process.

It is not simply a question of printing out an offer and circulating it in the local area. There is a matter of design, wording, paper type, distribution areas and leaflet size.

The success of the advert has a great deal to do with first impressions and leaflet size is an important factor in this. So, what size is the most effective for leaflet dropping?

Finding the most successful advert means creating something that grabs the attention of the customer and makes them take action.

The first impression is essential as it is the only chance you get to make an impact with that leaflet. Some marketing companies make the mistake of assuming that loud colours and slogans are the secret here and while they might stay in the memory of the consumer, the question is will they act?

Depending on your target customer and the product you offer, it is likely that you are looking for high quality customers that will give you repeat business and spread the word about your wonderful service. To find this kind of customer you need a flyer that is not annoying but does stand out.

The design is a large part of creating this impression, but size also plays a factor and makes the difference between a crumpled piece of paper and a treasured voucher that is pinned to the fridge.

So the question is, what do you want your customer to do with your leaflet?
Is it a voucher that they need to keep hold of and bring in to the shop or buy something online with? Are you trying to get their attention and ensure that they remember your name and logo?

The first thing to consider is that a standard letterbox is A5, so if you want your leaflet to fit through without ending up crumpled or folded then A4 might not be the right choice for you. However, if you want to fit a considerable amount of information on it, A4 has the added benefit of all that extra room and can be folded to A5 or even 1/3 A4, making it easier to push through a small letterbox and easier for the householder to read and keep.

If you are showcasing an offer or voucher and want your customer to save the leaflet then a smaller size can often make sense.

The offer should suit the size of the paper, so if it is a simple design with few words then an A6 leaflet will be more suitable than an A4 leaflet. However, if you are aiming to inform your customer all about the company and what you can offer them then a larger design is always appreciated. However, it’s always a trade-off a larger leaflet will have greater doormat impact but a small item is easier to keep.

The message here is to consider your customer and the purpose of the leaflet before deciding on your final size.

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