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I believe we are all aware that a great many successful businesses use leaflet distribution to promote their companies, and I think we all know why they do this.

They appreciate the value a well-planned door drop campaign will have on their sales and subsequent profits.

Those companies who have experience in using leaflet distribution are well aware of the importance research plays in the success of their campaigns.

They analyse the success of their last campaign to discover why it succeeded, and they use this information to make their next leaflet distribution an even greater success.

However, I wonder how many companies who have enjoyed moderate success from their leaflet campaigns, and are satisfied to use the same formula over again without realising they may be missing extra sales and profits by sticking to the same campaign plan.

Many companies, both large and small often overlook one of their most valuable assets for researching how to make their campaigns even more profitable.
This valuable asset is a list of their past satisfied customers.

A database of satisfied customers contains a large amount of priceless information just waiting for someone to turn it into extra sales and profits.

Past customers have the answers every marketer wants to know.

Why did they buy their product?

  • Was it the price?
  • Was it the colour?
  • Was it the guarantee?

The answers to these questions and many others are with past customers.
All it needs is someone to ask them.

Asking existing or past customers for their help is not as difficult as some people seem to think. Some thought will have to go in writing the relevant questions, but a few brainstorming sessions should easily solve that problem.

The next step is how to approach the customers.

I would advise against using the telephone, which would be too intrusive.

E-mail is the cheapest and easiest way to approach customers. A polite request for help and a questionnaire they could fill in and just push the reply button.

Another perhaps more formal approach would be by post. A polite and well-written letter thanking them for their past custom and then asking for their help, never underestimate the power of “I wonder if you can help me message”. People are flattered to be asked and will be eager to help as much as they can.

A request to log on to a website where all the questions can be answered will keep costs down.

However, a questionnaire and a reply paid envelope accompanying the letter may increase the response.

People loved being involved.

Using the answers their previous customers provide will enable companies to refine their next sales message and turn mediocre results into spectacular ones.

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