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Everyone knows the importance of having good broadband Internet access, and BT Broadband has very much become a frontrunner due to its quick connection times, and it’s focus on customer service.

But that doesn’t mean it can avoid marketing. In fact, BT started a national campaign that it hoped would bring people on board when it came to broadband. Their target was Wales, and they contacted Dor-2-Dor to find a quick and effective way to reach thousands of homes with their message.

Dor-2-Dor worked with BT Broadband to create the Get on and Get It campaign of leaflets. These were delivered to towns, and each town had it’s own specific leaflet set, tailored to that individual location. Ceri Fitzpatrick, from BT, enlisted Dor-2-Dor to push the campaign in Wales.

The results were pleasing, and BT found that it’s take ups improved, and the Welsh market was one it was very much established in.

A key aspect of the campaign was the fact that Dor-2-Dor maintained communications with BT Broadband as the campaign developed and results began to come through. This communication is something all the clients of the leaflet marketing company appreciate.

Over 100,000 Welsh households now have connections to broadband, which is evidence that a structured and intelligent leaflet marketing campaign can make the difference.

Here is Ceri now, with her thoughts on the campaign:
“They are a good company to do business with, they did what they said they would do and their costs were reasonable. I have used them since and will continue to do so”

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