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Nowadays we are no strangers to discount offers. It seems that every company is offering something at a reduced price and every customer expects a discount, but when it comes to advertising what is the best way to approach them?  Are they a good way to bring in valued customers and how can you make them work for you?

Due to the prevalence of offers in the public eye, customers have naturally built up a certain amount of immunity and they can now spot a good deal a mile away. The idea that a product has been reduced because it simply wasn’t worth the initial price and there is no demand for it is what holds people back from jumping on an offer. To avoid creating this suspicion in the customer ensure that your ad and discount offer is an honest one, designed to draw in valued customers and not to simply dispose of a troublesome product. Once you have saved your customers some money and demonstrated your worth to them you’ll have a valued customer who trusts your service and will recommend you to their friends and family.

While the prevalence of offers can become a little tedious, the fact remains that at the moment we are all a little reliant on them. Very few of us are not drawn in by a fantastic offer on something that we need because very few of us have a large disposable income. This is the key to using discount offers to your advantage. Consider the customer’s point of view. 87% of customers remember leaflets that come through their doors in comparison to email advertisements. By combining an offer that is hard to resist with the memorable allure of door drops you will ensure that your product or service sticks in the customer’s mind. Creating a desirable offer is essential and once the leaflet has caught the customer’s attention they are much more likely to get in touch if there is something in it for them.

Finding a balance between the customer’s desire for discounted products and services and suspicion of false or misleading offers is key to making the discount offer work for you. Be honest with what you’re offering and create a leaflet that showcases the discount in a very eye-catching manner. While the leaflet itself is more than half the battle, it is also important to distribute it in a way that will benefit you. Find a distribution company that can target suitable areas to ensure that your leaflets aren’t missing a key market.

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