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The answer to that is obvious. Yes. Estate agents are under threat from the internet and from people wanting to do business online.

But estate agents are not the only businesses who are being threatened by the internet as many traditional high street concerns are coming under pressure from their customers turning to the internet.

Consumers-turning-to-the-internetThe arrival of the internet and the threat it poses to traditional businesses caused many of them to fight fire with fire and create their own web sites. And estate agents have also joined the rush to join the internet fraternity.

However, like the other traders who jumped onto the internet, they realise just being on the internet is not enough. You have to let people know you are on the net, and to do that you have to advertise; you have to drive traffic to your web site.

Many estate agents have taken to adding content on their sites hoping this will rank them on search engines and attract traffic to their site.

Although this method of advertising can produce some results many on line entrepreneurs also turn to offline advertising to attract traffic and one of the best methods of offline advertising is using door drop leaflets.

And estate agents are among those marketers who use leaflet distribution to attract potential buyers.

How can leaflets help estate agents?

Estate agents, like other businesses, do not expect people to make a purchase simply because they have received a leaflet through their door. The aim of the leaflet is to catch the reader’s attention and make them aware of the agent’s presence.

Regular leaflet drops to the same areas helps to build an estate agents brand.

As well as building their brand, the leaflet will also drive traffic to the agent’s web site.

There is evidence that people will contact an agent about a property they are looking for regardless of what is being advertised on the leaflet. I have read that many agents often put an expensive property on their leaflet giving the reader the impression they are trusted by owners of valuable properties.

Leaflet distribution does work for estate agents.

1% OR LESS Estate AgentsOne of Hertfordshire’s leading estate agents, 1% OR LESS, approached DOR-2-DOR to arrange a leaflet campaign to raise their profile even higher back in 2010. Since then they’ve used DOR-2-DOR regularly to increase brand awareness and to collect more customers.

Here is what Mr Oakley of 1% OR LESS Estate Agents had to say about the campaign.

“We have used DOR-2-DOR since 2010 are very happy with their service from the design the of our leaflets, to the printing through to the results of our door drop campaigns. Since starting out they have helped us to increase our brand presence massively in the areas we cover, resulting in an increase of properties we have on the market.

DOR-2-DOR is a great company to work with and we would highly recommend them to others.”

Interested in enhancing your brand presence?

If you are an estate agent, or any business for that matter, and are looking for a way to raise your profile and collect more clients, get in touch with us and let us advise you on the best way to do it.

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