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Hawkhurst Golf Club

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Hawkhurst Golf and Squash club spent many years building up a great reputation as one of the best places to practise your golf swing.

Hawkhurst Golf and Squash club had plenty of new members every year, but was then hit by the golf boom, which saw a number of golf clubs springing up everywhere. Things had to change, and they had to change fast. When they had a member deficit of 50, the club members decided to do something about it.

James Walpole is the club’s head professional, and it was his job to change things. With a limited budget, he decided to try leaflet distribution through Dor-2-Dor. He saw it as a viable option, and similar to using a glossy ad in a magazine.

The leaflet Dor-2-Dor used was intended to attract new players to an open day at the club, with added benefits of coaching. James attended the open day, which had over 150 attendees form the public, and helped people better their golf.

The high attendance was due to an 8,000-leaflet drop, and it resulted in the club gaining 5 new members. The corresponding boost in revenue was £4,500.

That was a real return on investment, and James has this to say about Dor-2-Dor:
“Absolutely brilliant based on the success of the first event, we plan to arrange some more Open Days. DOR-2-DOR was very professional and very helpful. We wanted to target affluent localities and they knew exactly where to distribute for us.”

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