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The Energie Fitness club has branches in Bedfordshire, and the St Albans branch needed a bit of a boost in memberships.

This is an extremely crowded market, and it is notoriously difficult for fitness clubs to differentiate themselves form each other.

Nick Sheehan, owner and coach at the branch at the time, knew that making his customers happy and secure in their fitness lifestyle was vitally important. And he wanted to ensure that he was able to build a campaign that could convey such principles to prospective new customers.

The aim was to increase memberships at St Albans. No mean feat considering the competitiveness of the industry. However, Nick was determined that a targeted leaflet drop would be the way forward.

He contacted Dor-2-Dor and discussed his options with them. The results speak for themselves.

Here is Nick now, telling us about his experience using Dor-2-Dor:

“Our membership has increased by 20% this year, and we want to help many more people get fit next year, our aim is to double our membership next year.

Elaine and Ralph of DOR-2-DOR Aylesbury have been supportive of our business and helped us to increase our client base, they are reliable and we are very happy with the service we receive. They are helping us to achieve our business goals, so we can market our fantastic services to more potential members.”

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