How Do I Know My Leaflets Will Be Delivered?

How Do I Know My Leaflets Will Be Delivered

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This is a question that many clients using door drops ask. They have probably heard of the horror stories of leaflets being dumped in a canal or rubbish tip instead of being delivered. And I am sure there is some truth in some of these stories.

In the early days of leaflet distribution, there may have been some would be distributors who were looking for a quick buck and were not too concerned about who they hired to do their posting. And they were not too worried about providing proof of delivery, mainly because in the early days there were very few ways you could prove if the leaflets had been delivered.

So what steps can be taken to put clients mind at rest?

The right Post People™

Before the days of GPS tracking, one of the best ways of ensuring leaflets were delivered was to recruit the right Post People™. However, finding the right people was not always as easy as it sounds.

There is a widespread belief that students form the main bulk of those recruited to deliver leaflets and that fed the other myth that students were unreliable and more likely to dump their batch of leaflets rather than deliver them. But this is not the case.

Many of our Post People™ consist of, retired and semi-retired ladies & gentlemen not of course exclusively but mainly. We don’t employ children or students.

That is not to say all students are unreliable but students have other agendas that tend to draw them away from being available all of the time.

Retired and semi-retired ladies and gentlemen are people who have reached a more settled time in their lives and can be relied upon to be available when needed. They also have a sense of community and appreciate that leaflet distribution is helping small businesses find customers. And they also appreciate they are keeping fit and healthy without the need to do hours pounding the pavement doing joint-jarring jogging.

Employing reliable retired and semi-retired ladies and gentlemen as our Post People™ is just one method we use to ensure our deliveries are carried out. Another is using leaflet lookouts.

Leaflet lookouts

The job of our Leaflet Lookouts is to ensure that the leaflets we are delivering are not just delivered but delivered properly so everyone advertising gets the best possible chance of results.

Leaflet lookouts are people who monitor our leaflet deliveries. Their job is to check leaflets are delivered within a reasonable timeframe and pushed through the letterbox, not left halfway in or out. They also check deliveries to flats are not left on the stairs but pushed through each letterbox, and if they were separate or folded.

Knowing we use the services of leaflet lookouts gives clients using our services the confidence that their leaflet is being delivered as planned.

GPS Tracking

Of course, there is a third way to monitor leaflet deliveries; and that is GPS Tracking.

Global Positioning System, known as GPS, is simply a method of locating where something or someone is and keeping track of them. We use GPS tracking to track our deliverers right up to the front door to ensure they are delivering the material and not missing anything out which even the most conscientious delivers can do by mistake.

Here’s an example of some GPS tracks from deliveries our Post Peoople™ have carried out.

It is worth mentioning in the early days not everyone was in favour of GPS. There were those who moaned that GPS could not guarantee leaflets had been delivered to the letterbox they were intended for, so unscrupulous people could still dump the leaflets.

The doubters overlooked the fact that there would be little point in dumping the leaflets and then walking the delivery route without delivering the leaflets.

The other complaint about GPS was people would feel they were being spied on and not trusted. There are those who say the same about CCTV. However, only people who are doing something wrong, or are somewhere they shouldn’t be will feel this way.

Our Post People™ fully appreciate the need for GPS. They do not see it as a method of spying, but as a vital tool in providing valuable feedback to clients on how their campaign is progressing.

At DOR-2-DOR we have been developing our in-house backchecking systems for over 30 years and we are constantly improving them to not only ensure your leaflets are delivered but they are delivered properly to get you the best possible results.

So to sum up, these are the three methods we use at DOR-2-DOR to reassure our clients that their leaflets have been delivered.

  • Reliable & Properly Trained, Adult Post People™
  • Our Leaflet Lookout Network
  • Full GPS Tracking

If you would like to be one of our Post People™, a Leaflet Lookout a DOR-2-DOR franchisee or to get some leaflets delivered for your business, get in touch your local DOR-2-DOR today.

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