Ignorance, prejudice, and direct marketing

Ignorance Prejudice And Direct Marketing

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Would you believe there is a government organisation that allows its employees and contributors to denigrate the direct mailing industry?

A government organisation funded by a direct tax that the majority of people have to pay on pain of imprisonment.

The organisation I am referring to is the BBC, particularly BBC national radio.

Over the years, various presenters of news and entertainment shows have constantly denigrated the direct mailing business.

Whenever the topic arises, the term “junk mail” is banded about with various people expressing their views on how it is a waste of time and surely no one can make any money from it and it should be stopped.

However, they crossed the red line when a guest journalist on a popular Sunday morning radio show attacked door drop leaflets.

This particular young lady journalist began a diatribe against direct mail in general and then declared that she defied anyone to say they read the “shiny little leaflet that drop through the letter box.”

She, of course, had not done any research into leaflet distribution or direct mail, she just spoke from ignorance and prejudice against an industry she knows nothing about.

Like many of the chattering classes in the media and entertainment industry, this young lady somehow believes she should be above such things as direct mail or leaflets being delivered through her door, this surely is for common people.

They seem to have the same attitude the aristocracy had during the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries that trade was something to be sneered at, and they should look down on those involved in commerce.

The BBC would say if challenged, that the views of the various pundits do not reflect that of the corporation.

But, it would be nice if they occasionally encouraged some people to do some research into the direct mail and leaflet distribution. Then they could report the positive side to the direct marketing industry.

They could highlight the valuable contribution it makes to our country’s economy. That thousands of people are gainfully employed in the production of the mailing pieces and leaflets and the fact that direct marketing works and produces sale and profits for those who use the medium.

If this was done and the benefits of our industry were brought to general public’s attention then next time a member of the chattering classes decides to denigrate direct marketing in general and leaflet distribution, in particular, instead of sounding cool and trendy they would appear to be what they are, ill-informed and prejudiced and possibly a bit silly.

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