Leaflet Design, Printing and Door-Drops

Leaflet Design Printing And Door Drops

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First, you need to think who your target audience is?


What is the message you are conveying on your leaflet?


Where and how are you going to distribute your leaflet?


One of our most popular products and most versatile, leaflets are ideal marketing tools you can use to reach both consumers and business users.

They can sell a product, service or just be for information.

They are easy to display on a counter, insert into newspapers, drop through a letterbox, hand out in person, or pop in the post.

Leaflets can also incorporate variable data to make the experience more personal.

Ideal promotional size is A5, which is convenient to post or hand out.

Leaflet preparations

When designing your leaflet, keep in mind it needs to be clear. Simplicity works so try not to over complicate your leaflet, but it also needs to entice the user to read on. Remember, you only normally have a second or two to catch someone’s attention.

It is worth getting a professional designer to create your leaflet as they will normally have a much better design flair, but keep in mind the points listed on this page when discussing it with your designer.

As for content, sometimes asking a question as the main strapline is more effective to entice the viewer, for instance, ‘Do you know how you can have the perfect lawn in 2 weeks?’

What are you trying to get the viewer to do? Is it visiting a website, pick up the phone, scan a QR code, cut out a coupon or simply save the leaflet because of the information on it?

Keep text simple and not too wordy, but at the same time, you need to give enough information. Bullet points are also a good idea.

Try to break your text up with small headings.

Once written, read your text out loud. It might seem a silly thing to do, but it’s one of the best ways to tell if your text flows properly. Try your leaflet out on friends and colleagues first before you go to print, to make sure it reads and flows as it should, and the message is clear. Also, a fresh pair of eyes as a proofread is never a bad thing!


If your leaflet is folded, try not to run text across a crease or fold. If your leaflet is on a material of 150gsm or more and especially if you have solid colours, you will need to have it creased before it’s folded which needs to be explained to the printer on ordering as it’s not normally done by default.

Make sure all colours and images are CMYK (unless you specifically need it otherwise), create your pdf with 3mm bleed and crop marks selected and its compliant to PDF/X-1a. Images need to be a minimum of 350dpi.

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