Leaflet Distribution Anywhere

Leaflet Distribution Anywhere

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DOR-2-DOR your local Letterbox Marketing Professionals.

We specialise in promoting your business through the local letterbox channel. We supply a full printing and delivery solution and are publishers of the DOR-DROPZ and ZONE POST cooperative mailers.

We have been established since 1987 and are full members of the Direct Marketing Association. We operate from over 60 franchised UK offices. I have been in this business for over 24 years now so as you can expect I have a lot of knowledge to share with you and in these articles I will be sharing this knowledge with you. Please check out my other articles for different subjects.

Gone are the days when leaflet distribution was restricted to the streets surrounding a restaurant or a shop. Now the scope is much wider. While we recognise that most businesses find that the majority of their clients in the local area somewhere, it is often possible to identify opportunities that might not be obvious at first glance.

Targeted flyer delivery offers the chance to fine-tune the leaflet distribution process. By examining street-by-street population statistics we can help find the most effective locations on which to focus an advertising campaign. We’ll pinpoint your target market as well as arranging flyer delivery and printing.

The internet has changed the British economy forever. It’s the world’s biggest marketplace and it has opened people’s eyes to the possibility of buying the things they need from shops that might be on the other side of the country rather than just around the corner. A homeowner in Birmingham might order some rolls of new wallpaper from a supplier in Edinburgh and think nothing of it. Shopping online has become perfectly common. With this in mind, we can offer any business access to leaflet distribution opportunities all across the country.

If your company sells online than you can sell anywhere. A leaflet delivered in your neighbourhood will have the same chance of success as a leaflet delivered to a suitable household in a completely different city. We can arrange flyer delivery in throughout our franchise network.

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