The Wooden Spoon of Marketing

wooden spoon marketing

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I’ve always said that my business isn’t very glamorous, practical things rarely are. I guess you could call us the wooden spoon of marketing.

There’s not much that exciting that you can say about a wooden spoon. Nobody raves about a wooden spoon to their friends. It’s been in the utensil pot for so long it’s lost its excitement, but there it sits, ever strong and reliable and always doing its job when you need it.

I started Dor-2-Dor (Swansea) 12 years ago when the internet was still very new and we were all laughing at the ‘USA’ for taking it so seriously! One customer told me ‘it would never catch on’.

Most people still thought mobile phones were intrusive. Having your nails done or your hair coloured was a luxury and only really well off people had cleaners. The marketplace has changed immeasurably in those 12 years.

As the world changes, we expect marketing to change but I often feel quite sorry for my clients and business people that I meet and wonder where they will get the time to do all the things that they are now ‘meant’ to do. Where will business owners possibly find the time and money to do newspapers, radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter, email shots, postal mailshots, Local Mags, Outdoor advertising, directories, online vouchers, offline vouchers, signage, websites, uniforms/vehicles etc? And having spent more on all these methods will you see anymore return?

Incoming calls are now from national companies as well as local companies all saying that they have the latest and best marketing around. It’s an absolute minefield out there.

It’s no wonder that some businesses are tuning out to marketing calls. It can be so difficult to get answers to actually understand what’s being offered.

So in this world where the overpriced food mixer and coffee maker have become the talk of the kitchen, I’m proud to be the wooden spoon.

We are still the only method which will get you to every householder and now that more communication comes via email, the letterbox is quieter than it used to be so you can make more impact than ever with your message.

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