Should I make my leaflet double sided?

Should I Make My Leaflet Double Sided

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“Should I put one product one side and the other on the reverse?”, “Can my friend advertise their business on the back?”, “I’d like to put all my contact information on the rear” etc.

My usual response is ‘no’. Of course this does depend on what you do, but in many cases it lessens response. We work on the principle that the recipient will initially read your leaflet for 3 seconds. It’s often hard to think of a header which will capture their attention in that time.  Printing on the reverse means that you either have to think of two great headlines or you risk loosing their interest. Putting one product on one side and another on the reverse, e.g kitchens/bathrooms, hair/beauty might mean that they never read one side get to it because they didn’t turn it over.  The same applies for two businesses on either side. You will definitely lessen response.

Another question I get asked is shall I repeat the same design on both sided. For me this is a definite no, no.  You work really hard to engage the viewer, excite them to react and then if they turn over they are confused because you’ve repeated the same message – they might even find it annoying. There’s nothing to gain by doing this.

National businesses, where the brand is well known use double sided because people know what they do and most of their leaflets are offer based. Double sided can also work well if you are a company with a lot of interesting headlines and Unique Selling Points or if you are producing a menu.

Getting leaflet distribution right can be an art and consultancy is always free with our service – even if we don’t print your leaflet!

4 FACTS you must know
  • More than 8 out of 10 people in the UK are happy to receive a door drop leaflet if it is on a topic of interest to them.
  • Over half of UK adults say door drop leaflets are useful for finding out about local information.
  • With the footprints of local free newspapers in decline, door drop leaflets are sometimes the only way for people to hear about this kind of information.
  • 89% of UK adults report remembering receiving a door drop communication in the last two weeks.


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