I wonder if you can help me?

Can You Help Me

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If a person called you and opened the conversation with that question, how would you react?

I am willing to bet you would probably be prepared to listen to what the caller had to say next.

This conversation recently arose when I was talking to a young graduate who had taken a part-time job in a call centre. His job was to call people with the intention of arranging an appointment for a sales rep (the company was a double glazing company).

I asked him how he approached the calls. Apparently, he was told to introduce himself and the company and why he was calling.

He left the job after three weeks because so many people put the phone down before he had finished his opening speech and those who didn’t, were not over friendly to his questions.

Help meThis made me think why the people who write the scripts don’t use the opening question “I wonder if you can help me”.

I have used that question many times over the years and have found very few people replied with a no. I was then able to carry the conversation to the next stage with someone willing to listen.

So what has this got to do with leaflet distribution?

If you think of the “I wonder if you can help me” as a vocal headline aimed at making the listener want to keep listening, then a headline on your leaflet should make the reader want to continue reading.

I am aware that there have been millions of words written by almost as many people giving their advice on how to write powerful headlines and compelling copy, most of it not very good.

However, there are some very good copywriters who have written some very good advice and one of them said the following, and I am paraphrasing, “The only reason for writing a sentence is to encourage people to want to read the next sentence”.

Pretty basic advice but you get the point.

Your headline should make the reader want to continue reading and the rest of your copy must do the same leading your prospect to the Call to Action.

But this will not happen unless your opening sentence, your headline, makes them want to keep reading. Just like the “I wonder if you can help me” opening speech makes the listener want to keep listening.

If you need any help in writing compelling headlines and copy, we’ve got over 30 years experience in creating engaging headlines that sell, so why not contact us and let us help you.

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