Life Gym uses Dor-2-Dor Solutions to Beat the Competition

Life Gym Uses Dor 2 Dor Solutions To Beat The Competition

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When a low-cost gym opened less than one mile from Life Gym’s premises it had a huge impact as existing members left and potential new members were opting for the low-cost option. So, to highlight their state of the art gym equipment, a wide range of exercise classes, boot camp, power plates, sauna, relaxing cafe area and free parking (not to mention the on-site hair and beauty salons together with a fully qualified physiotherapist) Life decided to review its membership pricing structure and offer new and existing members a full, anytime membership package (incorporating all its facilities, classes etc.) for just £19.99.

The gym put together a marketing strategy to promote this new membership deal to include a leaflet drop to local residents and businesses in the area. Dor-2-Dor recommended that as Life was promoting a lower cost membership package their leaflet should reflect this and have a ‘cheap and cheerful’ look rather than the more corporate feel of previous flyers. As the leaflet was to be distributed between Christmas and New Year, they came up with the theme of ‘losing your turkey thighs’. The flyers designed by Dor-2-Dor were extremely eye-catching and thought-provoking with a couple standing back to back with legs as turkey thighs to promote the fitness/weight loss message and hard-hitting copy that emphasised the great membership deal.

The leaflet drop to local residents was carried out between Christmas and New Year and then two drops to Enterprise Park-based business in the first two weeks of January. Life Gym monitors all sources of new memberships through its bespoke CRM system. The leaflet drop alone generated more than 30 new members at the club which more than covered the costs of the leaflet drop and generating a membership income of more than £7,000.

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