From Piggery to successful gym, with a little help from leaflets

The Barn

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The Barn Gym in Cambridge used to be just that, a piggery barn.

With some hard work and determination, it took just four months to convert an old farm building into a working gym, and the Barn Gym has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Mike Allan owns The Barn Gym and his main aim has always been customer-focused. He wants to ensure that he knows every customer he has, and that he is able to translate that information into a better experience for everyone. This has paid off well so far.

This works well as an approach. Turnover in customers is very low, which means that the gym has a loyal customer base. Some of the members at the gym have been there for over 20 years.

Initial marketing was through newspaper ads and customer referrals then Mike decided to explore leaflet marketing. He contacted Nick Siragher who ran the Dor-2-Dor franchise in Cambridge.
Mike wanted to build the brand of his gym and also attract new customers. He asked Dor-2-Dor to help out and the results have been more than impressive ever since. With leaflets designed by Dor-2-Dor, each campaign brings in, on average, 50 new members, which is extremely good in such a competitive industry.

Mike said:
“The results have been very good; the campaigns have certainly been worthwhile. We estimate that from each campaign we attract at least 50 new members to us. The repeated marketing keeps our name out there in our community.”

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