Playing The Business Game

Playing The Business Game

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If you were asked to compare running your business to playing a board game, what game would you choose?

monopolyI imagine many would pick Monopoly, as it has all the things business people recognise: a bank, money and property.

Those who have experienced many ups and downs in a chequered business career may select snakes and ladders.

Others with a more sober outlook could pick Trivial Pursuits, claiming that by selecting the subjects they are good at will them an advantage over their competitors.

All three of these games could be compared to running a business. They all demand a certain level of concentration and application, but there is one thing they all have in common that people who are running businesses should avoid as much as possible: all three games involve throwing dice, so there is a huge element of luck in playing, and anyone depending solely on luck as a part of their business plan is playing a very dicey game.

Of course, many people will say the dice represent the vagaries of life over which they have no control, wars, strikes, and government intervention (or lack of intervention).

There is some truth in this, but the really astute business people play a different board game: a game that does not use dice, a game that teaches the player how to anticipate problems and make plans to overcome them.

This game is Chess.

No dice

no diceWhen you play chess the person sitting opposite you represents your competition and all the other things that can affect your business. The difference is you are not relying on a throw of a dice that will dictate how you must react to the problems you face.

To play a good game of chess you must be able to look ahead and anticipate what action your competitor is going to take several moves ahead. The ability to anticipate makes possible for you to deal with small problems before they become large ones, and it teaches you the values of planning ahead.

Chess teaches you to focus

Playing chess demands many hours of concentration and this is excellent training to focus your mind, especially if you have a tendency to let your mind wander occasionally.

Chess will teach a player how sacrificing a piece is like as making an investment in their business if thought about carefully. Losing a piece could bring benefits later on in the game.

The same goes for a carefully thought out investment. You sacrifice some money for a good return later on.

business focus

Chess is an honourable game

You have to play chess by the rules. If you touch a piece you must move it and cannot take it back. Players who thwart this rule soon gain a reputation as unreliable. The same goes for dealing with people in the commercial world, those people who cheat their customers will soon find their reputation damaged beyond repair.

These are just some of the things playing chess can teach you about. We have already mentioned how it can train your mind to focus on the important things and how to anticipate future problems.

You can learn the value of patience and, most importantly, the value of preparation. To be a successful chess player and win tournaments you need to study the game thoroughly and find out how the great champions play the game.

The same thing applies to running your business. You must study and discover how other people have succeeded in the business you are in.

We prefer the chess method of studying business strategy over the snakes and ladder method.

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