Using Offers to Attract New Restaurant Customers

Using Offers to Attract New Restaurant Customers

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If you’re looking to attract new customers to your restaurant or takeaway business then using offers to attract new customers works well.

Restaurant or takeaway owners often use special offers to attract customers. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know what kind of offer will work; finding the right balance is the key to encourage people to use the coupon.

Studies have revealed that 70% of consumers favour an offer with a specific cut-off date, while others are put off by offers with too many restrictions.

The most popular offer is the “Buy One and Get One Free” (BOGOF), however, although this is a very popular offer, it is essential the offer you use to promote your restaurant or takeaway makes sense for your business because free is not always best.

Choose Popular Menu Items

If you are making an offer on one of the items on your menu make sure it is one of the popular choices of your customers. It is highly unlikely people will take the time to visit you for an offer on an unfamiliar or unknown item.

However, if your offer is on a favourite item, they will be more likely to respond to your offer. Customers will see through any offer you attach to a lower priced item on your menu such as garlic bread. Instead, offer cheaper items free if the customer spends a certain amount of money.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Make sure your offers are transparent and easy to understand. Check you have not included any restrictions in the fine print that may cost the customer money to receive their “Free Gift”. It is essential your customers understand exactly what they will receive when taking up your offer.

Also, make sure your staff all understand the terms of your offer so they can answer any questions the customer may ask them without misleading them.

Use Your Web Site

A restaurant, like any business, should have a website; people expect it, and it gives you a chance to expand on your offer, and add more incentives for people to visit your restaurant. For example, a message on your website could invite a customer to visit your restaurant on a particular day and offer a free starter, or a free bottle of wine if they spend a specific amount.

Don’t Make Your Customer Do The Maths

Make your offer easy for the customer to understand. If they have to do some mental arithmetic to find out what you are offering they are more likely to will discard it, and you will lose a customer.

To make things simple, outline exactly what they are getting; tell them they will save £10 on a meal if they spend over £40 or offer certain starters for £5.50 instead of £8.

Advertise Your Offers

Advertising special offers is an excellent way to attract new customers to your restaurant, and the best way to get your offer to the hundreds of potential customers is to use a well-planned leaflet distribution campaign.

We here at DOR-2-DOR can help you plan a door to door leaflet campaign; we can also design and print it for you, so get in touch with us now and we can work together to get your offer in front of people and turn them into valuable customers for your restaurant or takeaway.

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