7 Reasons Why Print Rules

7 Reasons Why Print Rules

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For many years now we have been told that digital marketing will be the future and print will have to take second or even third place as a marketing tool. However, there are signs that consumers are beginning to experience digital fatigue. You only have to check your inbox to see how many marketing e-mails you receive. I imagine there are more than just a few.

This digital fatigue of consumers offers people who favour using print as a marketing tool an opportunity to use print to acquire new customers and strengthen their company’s brand. Here are 7 reasons why print rules:

1. Print Breaks Through Digital Noise

Research revealed in 2017 business users sent or received 121 emails each day. These emails originated from the 269 billion sent out daily from the 3.7 billion worldwide email users.

Whichever way you look at it this is a lot of digital noise, and print, in the shape of a leaflet distribution campaign, can cut through this noise and win you more customers.

2. Print Elicits Strong Emotions

It has been known for some years that, contrary to some people’s opinion, people do not ignore leaflets that hit their doormat, but tend to keep them for an average of 38 days. Many people have special places in their home where they keep the leaflets to be read at some time in the future. One of the most popular places is, with the use of magnets, on the door of fridges.

With less physical mail hitting the mailbox than the number of emails that hit your inbox, it appears physical ads, and leaflets specifically, have a stronger emotional appeal than emails, and they stay in people’s memories longer making it easier to remember when deciding to buy.

3. Print Supports Digital Efforts

Although people may be suffering from digital overload, this does not mean it can be ignored and confined to the historical dustbin; far from it. Print advertising can embrace the digital world by using a call to action to drive people to their website.  Prospective buyers will be happy to visit your website and make a purchase.

So make sure you have a compelling CTA on your leaflet to drive them to your landing page.

4. Print Strengthens Branding

Given that 70% of people who receive direct mail and print advertising open it, and 79% of it is read for a minute or more, printed leaflets are an excellent way of strengthening your company’s brand and keeping your TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) high.

Regular leaflet campaigns will keep your business at the top of your customer’s mind and can be a better way of doing it than sending out thousands of emails. However, you have to make sure your leaflets are well produced and aimed at the correct target market.

If you keep these factors in mind, this will go a long way in creating a strong brand for your business and strengthening your brand awareness.

5. Print is Engaging

Consumers want to feel special and leaflet distribution campaigns can make that happen.

A well-planned leaflet campaign aimed at a specific target audience will engage a prospect for more than a generic email will. If your message is relevant to your readers, they will not discard your leaflet. However, if your leaflet campaign isn’t well planned and targetted, on average, up to 44% of people will consign a leaflet to the waste bin if they feel it is not relevant to what they want.

6. Print Establishes Trust

Research shows that many people perceive a message printed on paper is more trustworthy than a digital one on a screen. Although we live in a digital-driven world, that doesn’t necessarily mean that people always believe what they read and see in the digital realm.

There is a myth that Millennials ignore print and only react to messages they receive online. However, this not the case, as research has found that 88% of Millennials find something printed on paper is more official than digital. Over half of young people referred to as ‘Millennials’ ignore digital ads and consider a printed message more trustworthy than an electronic one.

7. Print Evokes Response

We have already mentioned the emotional effect printed adverts have on consumers. Printed advertising encourages consumers to remember ads better than digital ones, and this makes it easier for them to remember the product being advertised and will make them more likely to purchase the product. We also mentioned that we are in the age of digital overload and people are responding more positively to print advertising than they are to electronic mail.

Although print does rule over digital marketing, a well-planned leaflet distribution campaign can utilise the digital world to increase sales and collect customers.

If you want to have a well-designed, well-written leaflet and expertly planned leaflet distribution campaign, get in touch with us today and take advantage of our years of experience in leaflet distribution and print marketing.

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