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Leaflet Distribution Case Study


If you want a professional finish to your walls, ceilings and woodwork, being a dab hand with a brush is not enough; achieving a flawless result takes skill and expertise, not to mention a great deal of preparation.

Transforming a room or an entire home, ‘to make it your own’ is all in a day’s work for quality decorating firm Cambridge Classics. Cambridge Classics was established in 2002 by Roger Yardy. Accompanied by a team of five enthusiastic painting and decorating specialists Roger set out to offer professional (external and internal) decorating, primarily for the domestic market. From the beginning, the team created business through distributing their own leaflets, advertising in Yellow Pages and creating a web site that was simple, but inviting. Two years on, with a healthy client portfolio, they decided to try Dor-2-Dor. Their aims were specific, to reach a larger area and save the time and effort of walking the beat themselves, time which would be better spent looking after customers. Having spent fruitless weekends creating quotes for householders outside of Cambridge. Roger wanted to focus on attracting business from within the city walls. Cambridge based customers are happy to pay premium rates for a distinctively upmarket level of service. Although service levels set Cambridge Classics apart from their competitors, they needed to maintain their competitive advantage. It was necessary to build brand awareness with a cleverly designed leaflet, expertly distributed for maximum return.

The perfect picture creates an emotive response… Designed by a local artist, the simple but stylish leaflets were printed and distributed to 23,000 households in affluent areas of Cambridge. Roger was so satisfied with the result that he has decided to discontinue Yellow Pages advertising.

The result
The company turnover was approximately £100k last year. Roger attributes a good percentage of that work as coming from leaflet distribution by Dor-2-Dor. From 100 enquiries came 50 customers, and on average the company completes two jobs a week.

Roger Yardy, said:
“Pound for pound it has been more effective advertising, people tend to keep the leaflets, we have had people call us a year later after receiving one. The service Dor-2-Dor has provided has been cost effective, efficient and value for money. In a nutshell, it has kept our business strong, it works.”

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