The Barn Gym

Leaflet Distribution Case Study

the barn gym2

Commitment, dedication and a clear vision enabled the creators of the Barn Health and Leisure Gym in Cambridge to meet their first goal; to transform a piggery into a fully operational fitness centre, in just four months.
Homely, yet bursting with innovation and character, The Barn Gym is set in relaxed rural surroundings, staying true to its wholesome roots. And true to form, when the Gym opened in 2000, it opened on its target date, January 1st 2000.

Since then the Barn Gym Fitness Team have been helping numerous members meet their own fitness aspirations. As a racket sports coach with many years of experience in management, Owner Mike Allan is uniquely qualified to support others to achieve their fitness goals. Mike comments: “I believe general activity for anybody is extremely important. Our aim has always been to provide affordable fitness at whatever level our members require, whether they have athletic goals and aspirations or are comfortable moving at a much slower pace.”

“What differentiates us is the personal service we give to our members. We know every member by their first name. Our very low turnover is a clearly indicates to me that both our staff and our members feel looked after and appreciated at the Barn.” Testament to this is the fact that when the Barn first opened 250 members from Mike’s previous squash and fitness club immediately joined. As they approach their tenth year anniversary Mike is delighted that some of his members have been with him for over 20 years.

When they opened there was not a great deal of competition and initially marketing was through newspapers and members referrals. Then Mike enlisted Nick Siragher; joint franchise owner with his wife Debbie, to work on some marketing campaigns on his behalf.

What were you looking to achieve with your leaflet campaign?
“We wanted greater awareness, to achieve sales and establish our brand. Cambridge is a vibrant city constantly on the move. This means it is important to keep reminding people of our existence and track record.”

What format is the leaflet and who designed and printed it?
“The leaflets are post cards and designed and printed by DOR-2-DOR.”

What areas did your campaign cover?
“We wanted to cover local villages and the northern fringes of Cambridge.”

What results did you see?
“The results have been very good; the campaigns have certainly been worthwhile. We estimate that from each campaign we attract at least 50 new members to us. The repeated marketing keeps our name out there in our community”

Would you recommend DOR-2-DOR?
“Yes, they make it very easy- and from the response I know it works. The distribution areas are good and we gain valuable feedback on housing developments and changes locally which helps us to maximise the effectiveness of our targeting. When we require it DOR-2-DOR produce the leaflets as well as deliver them. Debbie is great to work with, I find her reliable, well organised and pro-active and always happy to advise when required.”

The Barn Gym is not standing still – owner Mike is looking forward. Next steps are to plan an expansion of facilities, whilst continuing to maintain awareness and grow their reputation as a friendly, family gym – a welcoming building with state of the art facilities and well designed exercise classes in a calming, rural location.

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