Dominos Pizza

Leaflet Distribution Case Study


Interview with Barry Marshallsay the Business Owner and Director of The Domino’s Pizza Franchises in Hanley, Stoke on Trent and the Manchester districts of Ashton Under Lyme and Denton.

Dominos needs little introduction; they are highly recognisable as the world leading pizza Delivery Company, the first store opened in the UK in 1985, and today there are 450 outlets across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

“I had always wanted my own business and I chose Dominos because they gave lots of support and they were a hugely successful brand with a lot of experience of its market. Along with my business partner the primary aim was simply to make money, pure and simple and Pizzas deliver good returns. Between 70 and 80% of pizza sales come from delivery rather than collection. Other aims were to buy more stores and expand our territory as well as our profits. When you are franchise owner with the largest and best quality Pizza Company in the world, standards are high across the board, from staff training to the quality of ingredients. The purpose of the business is to make money, expand and deliver an award winning product on time.”

How would you describe your marketing promotion?
“The promotions have mainly been colourful menus with discount vouchers, and special offers in relation to our Customer Loyalty Scheme.”

What did you want to achieve?
“We had a problem with other distribution methods which were based on postcodes. We wanted heightened awareness, a good distribution, value for money and increased sales, DOR-2-DOR gave us the solution we needed.”

How many households and which areas was your material delivered to?
“DOR-2-DOR delivers 10K weekly into one of four zones in the Stoke on Trent district.” Over what time scales was your leaflet distributed? “Distribution takes place over a four week period.”

What results did you see?
“We could tell what day the leaflets went out. Normally the start of the week would be slower than other days but we found that Norman putting out leaflets on Monday or Tuesday increased our off peak quite nicely, by approximately 20%.”

How would you describe your Dor-2-Dor experience?
“We have a good working relationship with Norman; he sorts things out for us and has provided a better delivery service.”

Would you recommend DOR-2-DOR and/or use our service again?
“I have recommended DOR-2-DOR to other Dominos franchise owners and I do so because the service has been the most responsive and efficient that we have used and Norman is a nice bloke who is always contactable and a great problem solver.”

Looking ahead, how do you see DOR-2-DOR helping your business achieve its future objectives?
“We are continuing to use DOR-2-DOR to target households which are most likely to purchase our products, such as students, shared houses and young families.”

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